Added value

Retail Experience
The group portfolio includes successful and growing retail companies, from home furnishing, fashion, food and beverage to fast moving consumer goods. Our accumulated experience and industry know-how allows us to achieve synergies and cultivate fertile ground for expansion.
HR Capabilities
Successful recruitment strategies, training programs, and robust HR systems and policies, have enabled us to attract, hire, motivate, and retain talent, and industry leaders of very high caliber. We are also very proud that Saudi nationals comprise 50% of our outstanding workforce.
Operational Excellence
We uphold the highest standards within the group, achieving operational excellence in every industry. Our bottom-up approach in propagating our business values and practices has enabled us to distribute the best products and services, while maintaining an immaculate and consistent level of customer service and market leadership.
Market Intelligence
Our extensive market knowledge and years of experience afford us great insights and enable us to identify and maximize new opportunities.
Financial Strength
A robust framework allows us to manage our investments and capital expenditures carefully. With a strong track record and resilient performance in markets with long-term growth potential, we are set for expansion through a solid funding profile.
Portfolio Diversification
The diversified nature of the Group across the MENA region, along with our deep industry expertise, facilitates the transfer of knowledge and best practice across our various companies, capturing opportunities and optimizing business performance.
Building New Companies
As a dynamic and forward thinking group, we have developed valuable and practical tools on how to build new companies by leveraging on our knowledge, extensive business contacts, and capitalizing on cross-platform capabilities. Our investments can occur at different phases of a company’s life cycle, from inception to growth. We develop unique offerings that will seed, incubate, and launch to increase our chances of realizing those opportunities, swiftly and efficiently.