Corporate social responsibility

Since its inception, Alsulaiman Group’s engagement in CSR activities has been an integral part of its culture and values. The Group has been a pioneer in the employment of Saudis; supporting youth, education, and the development of entrepreneurship and the SME sector in Saudi Arabia.

Giving back to society and building sustainable communities is hugely important to our business. We do this by sharing knowledge, investing financially, creating jobs, and boosting the local economy. Our workforce is made up of 50% Saudi nationals and we are proud of our numerous CSR initiatives, supporting small businesses and nurturing entrepreneurship.

CSR programs:

Jeddah Distinguished Teacher Award

Initiative to show appreciation to teachers and the profession of teaching

Jeddah Distinguished Teacher Award is an initiative adopted by local companies and organizations on behalf of Jeddah community to show appreciation to teachers and the profession of teaching by awarding distinguished teachers every year. This award aims at inspiring motivation, creating healthy competition, and promoting the great roles that teachers play in our community. Alsulaiman Group is one of the founders of this initiative and permanent member of its board of trustees who continuously support it, and work on developing it and achieving its goals.