IKEA Dhahran Store Achievements

What a great year it has been for IKEA Dhahran! Over the last fiscal year, we have achieved some well worthy milestones, where we witnessed both business and sales growth in the store, and also saw the growth and development of our employee workforce.

Needless to say, we are very proud of our Dhahran store and all our co-workers who have contributed to this great success and have been a part of these wonderful achievements. It is because of your hard work and commitment that IKEA Saudi Arabia, as a whole, has continued to strive. Over the last year, IKEA Dhahran has reached and exceeded their sales target by 129%, compared to the previous year. The store also achieved impressive business growth of 130%, against a budget of 102%. Its annual inventory results were well within its set goal.

IKEA Dhahran was even nominated in the top 20 IKEA stores worldwide, putting itself on the map, along with our other IKEA stores in the Kingdom. Not only did we see the store grow, we also witnessed the growth of many of our employees, with 25 coworkers being promoted to team leaders, specialists and shopkeepers and three moving up to managerial levels. We saw their support and hard work translate to other stores as well, where they transferred co-workers to help out on new projects.

Throughout FY15, the service level was strongly maintained and all departments within IKEA Dhahran have passed functional review. The store also achieved some great results when it carried out the ‘Mystery Shoppers’ program, scoring 84, indicating high levels of customer engagement and service. We are very impressed and proud of all these achievements. Keep up the hard work IKEA Dhahran, and let’s constantly reach for the top!