New IKEA Jeddah South

This is the first IKEA store integrated within a shopping mall in Saudi Arabia. It is located in Salaam Mall in the south of Jeddah with a total area of 22,000 m². The store will be very unique as the area will be split into the 3 floors of the shopping mall. External Merchandize pick up 5000 m² (warehouse) on the parking level. 
  • Showroom 5500 m² 1st floor
  • Market Hall 5500 m² 1st floor
  • Restaurants 1600 m² 1st floor
  • Co-worker office area 1200 m² on the Roof
  • IKEA dedicated parking 500 spaces

This will be a one floor store, meaning the showroom, market hall, restaurant, check-out and customer service area will all be on the same floor.

All showroom articles will be available to our customer through the EMPU following the full serve concept, as there will be no self-serve in the retail space. However we will have a small activity area right before the checkouts offering seasonal activities and a small furniture activity area.

The projected launch date will be February 2017 (Tertial 2). Each new store opening is a great opportunity for us to enable our co-workers and offer more growth possibilities. Our aim is to have 30% of positions in the new stores to be filled by existing leaders and co-workers. So far, First Line Managers for IKEA Jeddah South have been identified, and we will soon open the doors for our interested co-workers to apply for the other many openings.